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Teaching Japan Conference

10/29/2010 - 10/30/2010

DePaul University (Chicago, IL)

DePaul University's Japanese Studies Programs will present "Teaching Japan: Pedagogical Possibilities in U.S. Higher Education" on October 29-30, 2010 at the Lincoln Park Campus in Chicago, Illinois.

In the last two decades, the academic and institutional environment for Japanese studies at U.S. colleges has changed dramatically. This conference is intended to serve as a forum within which to explore this new landscape in terms of the dynamic interfaces between pedagogy, research, institutional structures, and the dissemination of knowledge.

Norma M. Field, Ph.D., Robert S. Ingersoll Distinguished Service Professor in Japanese Studies in East Asian Languages and Civilizations at the University of Chicago, will be the conference keynote speaker.

Kenny Endo 35th Anniversary Celebration Gateway Ma°«vs. Groove°… Taiko

10/24/2010 - 11/20/2010

KENNY ENDO is one of the leading personas in contemporary percussion and rhythm. He is the vanguard of the taiko genre, continuing to pave new paths in this Japanese style drumming after over thirty years as a career taiko player. A performer, composer, and teacher of taiko with numerous awards and accolades, Kenny Endo is a consummate artist, blending Japanese taiko with rhythms influenced from around the world into original melodies and improvisation.

°»A Page of Madness°…Screening with Live Score by Ensemble N_JP

10/22/2010, 10/23/2010

International House (Philadelphia, PA) & MoMA (NYC)

A Page of Madness is a collaborative work of Philadelphia composer Gene Coleman and Japanese artist Akikazu Nakamura, commissioned by IHP for the Movement program. The two created a new musical composition for the 1926 Japanese silent film A Page of Madness. This performance re-imagines the role of contemporary music in the interpretation and presentation of historic films. Following Friday's premiere performance, A Page of Madness screens at the Museum of Modern Art (NYC) in the Eighth MoMA International Festival of Film Preservation.

Eiko & Koma Retrospective Project

10/21/2010 - 11/30/2010

Walker Art Center (Minneapolis, MN)

In celebration of its long history with Eiko & Koma, the Walker is proud to be a part of the artists’ 35-year retrospective, which comprises a three-year, multi-city project. In addition to the dance/visual art installation, Naked, the Walker engagement will feature the artists in a Free First Saturday performance of Raven (October 2), dance workshops, a Talking Dance lecture, a three-month run of film screenings, and a Walker-produced catalogue.


°»Sankai Juku: 2010 Tour°… Butoh Dance

10/20/2010 - 11/14/2010

SANKAI JUKU, founded in 1975 by Ushio AMAGATSU performed abroad for the first time at the Nancy International Theatre Festival in 1980. Since then, Sankai Juku has performed in 40 countries and visited more than 700 cities: France, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Mexico, Spain, Venezuela, Poland, Germany, the U.K., Yugoslavia, Holland, Israel, Finland, Sweden, Canada, the United States, Greece, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Singapore, Denmark, Portugal, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Norway, Indonesia, Colombia, Russia, Hungary, Czech, Ukraine, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Ireland, and Japan.

Oyama X Nitta

10/08/2010, 10/10/2010, 10/11/2010

Oyama X Nitta is a duo formed by two of Japan's foremost shamisen performers, Yutaka Oyama and Masahiro Nitta. Using a creative and innovative approach to the traditional sounds of the shamisen, they perform classic and original scores with virtuosic improvisations that display the versatility of the instrument. Oyama X Nitta regularly performs in Japan and internationally, delivering its unique sound to audiences throughout the world.
Oct.   8: Jacob K. Javits Center (New York Anime Festival)
Oct. 10: Museum of the City of New York
Oct. 11: Columbia University

Spirited Calligraphy East & West: Texts, Marks, and Meanings  

10/07/2010 - 11/19/2010

Georgia State University (Atlanta, GA)

The Ernest G Welch School of Art and Design ar Georgia State University will hold an interdisciplinary, mutimedia based, international and invitational exhibition. During the consurrent symposium, visiting artists from Japan, Korea and China will be present and demonstrate calligraphy in action in collaboration with music.

Yasuko Yokoshi: "Tyler Tyler" Dance Tour

10/06/2010 - 10/30/2010

(Amherst, MA; Houston, TX; Albuquerque, NM; Chicago, IL and Paris, France)

A four city tour of Tyler Tyler, created through a collaboration between postmodern choreographer Yasuko Yokoishi, based in New York City, and master teacher of Kabuki Su-odori dance, Masumi Seyama, from Tokyo.

Eiko & Koma: "Raven" Dance Performance


Walker Art Center (Minneapolis, MN)

In celebration of its long history with Eiko & Koma, the Walker will feature the artists in a Free First Saturday performance of Raven.

Part of The Retrospective Project, which aims to illustrate the artistry and trajectory of Eiko & Koma’s career.

Donald Keene Center Fall 2010 Events

09/30/2010 - 12/02/2010

Columbia University (NYC)

September 30. "How the Sacred Foxes Came to Columbia: Anthropological Fieldwork, Synchronicity, and the Collecting Impulse" by Karen Smyers, Anthropologist
October 7-9. “John C. Weber International Symposium on Japanese Religion and Culture: Images and Objects in Japanese Buddhist Practice”
October 11. "Tsugaru Shamisen Performance and Lecture" by Oyama x Nitta
October 14. "Learning Kanji: Perceptions and Strategies" by Yoshiko Mori, Georgetown University
October 28. "Are We Rich or Poor? Economic Culture in the Early Tokugawa Period" by Mary Elizabeth Berry, UC Berkeley
November 11. "Roudoku Workshop" by Michiko Shirasaka, Vocal Artist
November 11. "From Sword to Kiln: The Transformation of a Kyoto Family" by Takahiro Kondo, Ceramic Artist
November 16. "Making '1968' in Japan: The Political Alchemy of Violence" by William Marotti, UCLA
December 2. "Literary Genres in Flux: The Meiji State and the Politics of Novelistic Imagination" by Satoru Saito, Rutgers University

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